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Re: [lmi] Cannot 'mv' read-only files on cygwin?

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] Cannot 'mv' read-only files on cygwin?
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 21:48:21 +0000
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On 2018-03-05 23:37, Greg Chicares wrote:
> Kim's trying to upgrade [...] running 'install_msw.sh' yielded:
> mv scratch/mingw32 /MinGW_
> mv: cannot move 'scratch/mingw32' to '/MinGW_': Permission denied
> make: *** [install_mingw.make:104: all] Error 1

Something similar happened today:

+ cd /opt/lmi/src
# Preserve any preexisting source directory, moving it aside so that
# 'git clone' will install a pristine working copy.
mv lmi lmi-moved-"$stamp0"
+ mv lmi lmi-moved-2018-04-10T12:43:45Z
mv: cannot move 'lmi' to 'lmi-moved-2018-04-10T12:43:45Z': Permission denied

I was hoping that upgrading cygwin might give us GNU/Linux 'mv'
behavior, but this cygwin installation is pretty recent:
    Cygwin DLL version info:
        DLL version: 2.9.0
which moved out of test only last September:
and I don't think they've changed anything pertinent since then.

I think the best we can do here is:
  cp --archive lmi lmi-moved-"$stamp0"
  rm -rf /opt/lmi/src/lmi
Then 'cp' will almost certainly succeed (which is why we used it to
replace 'mv' in the 2018-03-05 situation), so we'll have our backup;
and, if 'rm' fails, it doesn't matter much.

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