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[lmi] Upgrading to gcc-4.9.2

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi] Upgrading to gcc-4.9.2
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 02:28:29 +0000
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gcc-3.4.5 was released 2005-11-30, just over ten years ago. It's high
time we upgraded. It's also time to forsake the moribund mingw.org and
migrate to MinGW-w64, which is the standard cross compiler in all
GNU/Linux distributions. (I'm running debian GNU/Linux, and I've been
building lmi in an msw VM, using Cygwin to emulate a POSIX environment,
and that's just silly.) Initially, at least, we'll keep building 32-bit
binaries; later, we can consider building 64-bit binaries.

This is such a big step forward that I'm reluctant to change anything
else at the same time. The decade-old version of 'boost' that we're
using suffers from this problem:
but this workaround:
seems good enough for now.

I'm surprised if this hasn't been noticed:

In file included from /opt/lmi/local/include/wx/pdfdocument.h:25:0,
                 from /opt/lmi/local/include/wx/pdfdc.h:21,
                 from /lmi/src/lmi/group_quote_pdf_gen_wx.cpp:56:
/opt/lmi/local/include/wx/pdfarraytypes.h:27:86: error: invoking macro 
WX_DEFINE_SORTED_USER_EXPORTED_TYPEARRAY argument 4: empty macro arguments are 
undefined in ISO C90 and ISO C++98
but I imagine that's easy to fix if you know how. Vadim, could you
please look into that? A local patch would be fine. That's the only
compiler error remaining in my local tree, and I'd like to find out
whether our binaries link.

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