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[lmi] Exclude "tags" from the concinnity check

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi] Exclude "tags" from the concinnity check
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:54:53 +0200


 Here is a trivial patch to avoid giving an "exception" (but still existing
with 0 exit code, strangely enough) when running "make check_concinnity"
with a "tags" file being present in lmi directory. Since I've started using
Vim plugin automatically generating the tags file if it's not present,
getting this error became even more annoying as I now get it every time,
even if I remove the tags file as it gets immediately regenerated.

 FWIW I think it would be even better to classify the tags file as
"ephemeral" and not "expungible" as the latter still results in a warning,
but, surprisingly, ephemeral files are still check for coding rules,
notably absence of tabs which are (and must be) present in the tags file,
so my initial attempt to do it like this failed. If you think it's worth
excluding the ephemeral files from all the checks, as it's already done for
the binary and expungible files, I could modify the patch to do it like
this, of course, just please let me know.


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