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Re: [lmi] Allow opening cell editor with double-click

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] Allow opening cell editor with double-click
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 14:07:28 +0000
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On 2012-01-05 11:32Z, Greg Chicares wrote:
> With that patch, it's pretty easy to provoke a segfault, though it's
> not as simple to describe how to do it. The key is apparently to hit F2
> almost immediately after closing the Ctrl+E dialog. Sorry I can't make
> it any clearer; it's easy to do if I just bang on the keys, but hard if
> I go about it slowly and deliberately, so maybe it's a timing issue.

Here's a reproducible test case that yields a similar crash report:

  File | New | Census
  Census | Edit cell
    arbitrarily change the two radiobox selections at the top
  press right-arrow thrice, moving focus to the rightmost column
  Census | Edit cell
    revert both radiobox changes made above
  F2 [causes a segfault, repeatably]

It crashes in wxDataViewCtrl::DoSetCurrentItem(wxDataViewItem const&)
when the number of columns changes.

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