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[lmi-commits] [lmi] master b8a40db 2/4: Expunge two unwanted 7702 databa

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi-commits] [lmi] master b8a40db 2/4: Expunge two unwanted 7702 database entities
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 14:21:52 -0400 (EDT)

branch: master
commit b8a40dbafc674b890a8574aa0f3678029da7c546
Author: Gregory W. Chicares <gchicares@sbcglobal.net>
Commit: Gregory W. Chicares <gchicares@sbcglobal.net>

    Expunge two unwanted 7702 database entities
    No visible effect because neither of these was used.
    RiskyInitial7702Db: As '7702.html' [3/1] explains, a contract should be
      "issued at a SA no lower than its corridor DB (¶4/2) after the
       initial premium, dumpin, and any estimated §1035 exchange amount
       are recognized"
    Thus, initial payments are recognized, yielding the highest possible
    premium limits, which is what producers want when they ask about this.
    The question at hand is whether specified amount (SA) can be set lower;
    the answer is "no", because any perceived benefit is probably illusory
    and certainly not worth risking the contract's tax status.
    DB_Irc7702Endowment: There is never any reason not to use the specified
    amount as the endowment amount for GLP and GSP. It produces the highest
    possible premium limits, and the statute specifically allows it.
 db_sort.sed | 18 ++++++++----------
 dbdict.cpp  |  2 --
 dbdict.hpp  |  2 --
 dbnames.hpp |  2 --
 dbnames.xpp |  2 --
 5 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/db_sort.sed b/db_sort.sed
index 96735d7..15e92bd 100644
--- a/db_sort.sed
+++ b/db_sort.sed
@@ -80,16 +80,14 @@
 /DB_CvatMatChangeDefn\>/         s/^/B019/
 /DB_GptMatChangeDefn\>/          s/^/B020/
 /DB_Irc7702BftIsSpecAmt\>/       s/^/B021/
-/DB_RiskyInitial7702Db\>/        s/^/B022/
-/DB_Irc7702Endowment\>/          s/^/B023/
-/DB_Effective7702DboRop\>/       s/^/B024/
-/DB_TermIsQABOrDb7702\>/         s/^/B025/
-/DB_TermIsQABOrDb7702A\>/        s/^/B026/
-/DB_GioIsQAB\>/                  s/^/B027/
-/DB_AdbIsQAB\>/                  s/^/B028/
-/DB_SpouseRiderIsQAB\>/          s/^/B029/
-/DB_ChildRiderIsQAB\>/           s/^/B030/
-/DB_WpIsQAB\>/                   s/^/B031/
+/DB_Effective7702DboRop\>/       s/^/B022/
+/DB_TermIsQABOrDb7702\>/         s/^/B023/
+/DB_TermIsQABOrDb7702A\>/        s/^/B024/
+/DB_GioIsQAB\>/                  s/^/B025/
+/DB_AdbIsQAB\>/                  s/^/B026/
+/DB_SpouseRiderIsQAB\>/          s/^/B027/
+/DB_ChildRiderIsQAB\>/           s/^/B028/
+/DB_WpIsQAB\>/                   s/^/B029/
 # DB_Topic_MortalityCharges
 /DB_CsoEra\>/                    s/^/C001/
 /DB_CsoMisprint\>/               s/^/C002/
diff --git a/dbdict.cpp b/dbdict.cpp
index b06ff54..2c1da6b 100644
--- a/dbdict.cpp
+++ b/dbdict.cpp
@@ -162,8 +162,6 @@ void DBDictionary::ascribe_members()
     ascribe("CvatMatChangeDefn"         , &DBDictionary::CvatMatChangeDefn     
     ascribe("GptMatChangeDefn"          , &DBDictionary::GptMatChangeDefn      
     ascribe("Irc7702BftIsSpecAmt"       , &DBDictionary::Irc7702BftIsSpecAmt   
-    ascribe("RiskyInitial7702Db"        , &DBDictionary::RiskyInitial7702Db    
-    ascribe("Irc7702Endowment"          , &DBDictionary::Irc7702Endowment      
     ascribe("Effective7702DboRop"       , &DBDictionary::Effective7702DboRop   
     ascribe("TermIsQABOrDb7702"         , &DBDictionary::TermIsQABOrDb7702     
     ascribe("TermIsQABOrDb7702A"        , &DBDictionary::TermIsQABOrDb7702A    
diff --git a/dbdict.hpp b/dbdict.hpp
index 19f47ef..33a83c8 100644
--- a/dbdict.hpp
+++ b/dbdict.hpp
@@ -145,8 +145,6 @@ class LMI_SO DBDictionary
     database_entity CvatMatChangeDefn         ;
     database_entity GptMatChangeDefn          ;
     database_entity Irc7702BftIsSpecAmt       ;
-    database_entity RiskyInitial7702Db        ;
-    database_entity Irc7702Endowment          ;
     database_entity Effective7702DboRop       ;
     database_entity TermIsQABOrDb7702         ;
     database_entity TermIsQABOrDb7702A        ;
diff --git a/dbnames.hpp b/dbnames.hpp
index 776afdb..29b3182 100644
--- a/dbnames.hpp
+++ b/dbnames.hpp
@@ -179,8 +179,6 @@ enum e_database_key
-        ,DB_RiskyInitial7702Db
-        ,DB_Irc7702Endowment
diff --git a/dbnames.xpp b/dbnames.xpp
index 3a481ba..f8eed95 100644
--- a/dbnames.xpp
+++ b/dbnames.xpp
@@ -86,8 +86,6 @@
 {DB_CvatMatChangeDefn,DB_Topic_7702And7702A,"CvatMatChangeDefn","Definition of 
7702A material change for CVAT: 0=unnec prem, 1=increase, 2=increase after 
unnec prem [not implemented], 3=any unnec prem or increase",}, \
 {DB_GptMatChangeDefn,DB_Topic_7702And7702A,"GptMatChangeDefn","Definition of 
7702A material change for GPT: 0=any adjustment event, 1=any adjustment event 
that increases the guideline limit",}, \
'death benefit' is specamt rather than DB: 0=no, 1=yes",}, \
increasing (and ROP?) death benefit option, riskily reflect 1035 and initial 
payment in initial 7702(f)(3) 'death benefit': 0=no, 1=yes [not yet 
implemented]",}, \
endowment amount for 7702 and 7702A calculations: 0=specamt, 1=none",}, \
 {DB_Effective7702DboRop,DB_Topic_7702And7702A,"Effective7702DboRop","For 7702, 
treat return of premium death benefit option same as: 0=level 1=increasing",}, \
 {DB_TermIsQABOrDb7702,DB_Topic_7702And7702A,"TermIsQABOrDb7702","Treat term 
rider as QAB or death benefit for 7702: 0=neither, 1=DB, 2=QAB",}, \
 {DB_TermIsQABOrDb7702A,DB_Topic_7702And7702A,"TermIsQABOrDb7702A","Treat term 
rider as QAB or death benefit for 7702A: 0=neither, 1=DB, 2=QAB",}, \

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