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[lmi-commits] [lmi] master d2cd58f 1/3: Eliminate a default argument

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi-commits] [lmi] master d2cd58f 1/3: Eliminate a default argument
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2018 06:24:20 -0500 (EST)

branch: master
commit d2cd58f9c2663ccf3342967147696a4d2ef9b94d
Author: Gregory W. Chicares <address@hidden>
Commit: Gregory W. Chicares <address@hidden>

    Eliminate a default argument
    Eliminated a default argument that affected only a single invocation
    of its function. In such a case, it's clearer to write the argument
    on the invocation than on the declaration.
 group_quote_pdf_gen_wx.cpp | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/group_quote_pdf_gen_wx.cpp b/group_quote_pdf_gen_wx.cpp
index 8c5bed5..a4ca1c3 100644
--- a/group_quote_pdf_gen_wx.cpp
+++ b/group_quote_pdf_gen_wx.cpp
@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ class group_quote_pdf_generator_wx
     void output_footer
         (pdf_writer_wx&   pdf_writer
         ,int*             pos_y
-        ,enum_output_mode output_mode = e_output_normal
+        ,enum_output_mode output_mode
     class totals_data; // Fwd decl for fill_global_report_data() argument.
@@ -798,7 +798,7 @@ void group_quote_pdf_generator_wx::save(std::string const& 
         pos_y += 2 * vert_skip;
-    output_footer(pdf_writer, &pos_y);
+    output_footer(pdf_writer, &pos_y, e_output_normal);
     LMI_ASSERT(current_page == total_pages);
     output_page_number_and_version(pdf_writer, total_pages, current_page);

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