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[lmi-commits] [6514] Disable warnings occurring in Boost headers with gc

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi-commits] [6514] Disable warnings occurring in Boost headers with gcc5
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2016 21:18:13 +0000

Revision: 6514
Author:   zeitlin
Date:     2016-02-27 21:16:46 +0000 (Sat, 27 Feb 2016)
Log Message:
Disable warnings occurring in Boost headers with gcc5

Fix many warnings in Linux build using gcc5.

Modified Paths:

Modified: lmi/trunk/configure.ac
--- lmi/trunk/configure.ac      2016-02-27 21:12:53 UTC (rev 6513)
+++ lmi/trunk/configure.ac      2016-02-27 21:16:46 UTC (rev 6514)
@@ -544,6 +544,12 @@
     dnl occurrences of this warning in both wx and LMI sources
+    dnl Many instances of these warnings are given in Boost 1.33.1 headers, so
+    dnl we unfortunately have to disable them even if they're potentially
+    dnl useful, especially the latter one.
+    LMI_CXX_ADD_IF_SUPPORTED(-Wno-unused-local-typedefs)
+    LMI_CXX_ADD_IF_SUPPORTED(-Wno-unused-variable)
     dnl This makes Boost compile with -Wundef; see workhorse.make for
     dnl more detailed explanation.

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