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bug-gmp post from address@hidden requires approval

From: bug-gmp-owner
Subject: bug-gmp post from address@hidden requires approval
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 05:00:42 -0400

As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
following mailing list posting:

    List:    address@hidden
    From:    address@hidden
    Subject: ????????? ?????????????? ?????? ????????
    Reason:  Post by non-member to a members-only list

At your convenience, visit:
to approve or deny the request.
--- Begin Message --- Subject: Фрезерные Обрабатывающие Центры недорого Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 10:39:08 +0300

Обрабатывающие центры STILLER
(901) 5 2 4 - 8 7 - 4 1

  • Высокоскоростные 8,000-15000 об/мин
  • Самый мощный шпиндельный узел
  • Пусконаладка Гарантия Сервис
  • Лизинг без дополнительного залога (даём всем)
  • Первый платёж от 14 970 евро
    найди STILLER - получи лучшую цену

  • --- End Message ---
    --- Begin Message --- Subject: confirm b2543a77d4a0270feedb030591c638e50f017e9b
    If you reply to this message, keeping the Subject: header intact,
    Mailman will discard the held message.  Do this if the message is
    spam.  If you reply to this message and include an Approved: header
    with the list password in it, the message will be approved for posting
    to the list.  The Approved: header can also appear in the first line
    of the body of the reply.

    --- End Message ---

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