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pending subscriptions report

From: Karl Berry
Subject: pending subscriptions report
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2022 16:21:58 -0600

Just to report: I finally got it together to definitively check for
pending subscriptions (not just messages). The hack I did before only
reported pending subscriptions when the list also had pending msgs.

Now there's a separate nightly cron job on lists:
08 02 * * * nice -n 19 ./bin/lreq --all >tmp/all_requests 2>&1;
                       ./bin/pendingsubs >tmp/all_subs 2>&1

(BTW, I intentionally used ; instead of && in hopes of randomly noticing
when the lreq call fails.)

lreq invokes the standard list_requests helper script, for all lists.
It takes about 30 seconds to run.

I wrote pendingsubs, a short Perl script to parse the output and report
only on lists that we don't ignore (not info-fsf, etc.).

The resulting tmp/all_subs file looks like the below (except I replaced
the real email addresses for privacy). Ultimately my goal is to make the
output be empty so that we can mail it to ourselves.

I've asked the guix-europe list owner about his pending subscriptions.

For qemu-security, the list owners don't check in often, but they don't
want just confirm, either. Oh well. Maybe I'll just exclude it as a
special case. Not a big deal.

There were tons more subscriptions, mostly from months or years ago.
I deleted all the others, disabling most of the lists while I was at it
since they were never-used or not for many years. --best, karl.

list@lists1p:~$ cat tmp/all_subs (Foo Bar) Thu Feb 10 16:06:09 2022 Sun Feb 20 08:35:56 2022 (Foo Quux) Thu May 19 21:57:09 2022

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