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Strange Deletions Tonight

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Strange Deletions Tonight
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2022 22:06:08 -0700

Hi Listhelpers,

Tonight I was making a normal run through the anti-spam and had a
strange thing happen.  I was reviewing the caughtspam folder.  I saw
two messages that were valid there.  I started to train them with 'H'
as ham and then all at once the entire folder was deleted!  Gone.
Like someone had deleted the entire folder while I was looking at it.

I am wondering if when people review the caughtspam folder if they are
deleting everything instead of letting the crons expire the messages?
Maybe.  That's the only thing I can think of here.

Please when reviewing the caughtspam don't delete the mail folder
contents.  Go ahead and mark them as Read though.  There is a macro
key set up for doing this.  The 'Y' key for yes these are all okay is
available.  Just Y that folder and quit.  Or move back to caughtham.

For the caughtham this is especially important just to Read messages
(no Y macro there) and leave them not deleted because I send the
messages that have been Read (and therefore reviewed) back through the
Bayes engines for training as non-spam.  So if those are deleted
instead of letting the cron handle them then the training of them
isn't possible.

Tonight I am hoping to vivify those two messages that were false
postives.  I am taking the last few hours of messages, about 300, from
the last time I remembered 'Y'es-ing off the caughtspam folder and
running the saved raw Mailman moderator messages through the system
again.  It might just produce two of the same false positives again.
Or it might not because training is always happening.  But I will give
it a shot and see if I can find two false positives and if so will
try to make them alive again.


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