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Re: Help with typo in list summary page on savannah

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Help with typo in list summary page on savannah
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 22:43:13 GMT

Hi John,

If you click the "Configure:" menu item on that page, you'll be able to
delete the spurious "octave-mainainers".  You can also add
"octave-maintainers" there.  You're right that there's no way to edit
the text.

    I'm hoping that someone here will 

For the future, in principle address@hidden is a better
place to write about savannah questions.

But while I have you here :), let me ask you about the
octave-bug-tracker list.  There are 70+ messages pending at, many real
messages (also some spam), going back many months.  Evidently no one is
clearing this queue.  As I recall, you asked us not to involve
listhelper with this list, because ... I can't remember why not, sorry.

How would you like to proceed?  It's not good for the queue to simply
build up indefinitely, of course ...

Best regards,

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