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Re: A note about the list js-devs-task-force

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: A note about the list js-devs-task-force
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 17:05:56 GMT

Hi Zak,

    Great, thank you for the explanation, and for making sure the list is
    set up with listhelper despamming.

It isn't set up yet, because the list has still not been created.
Should I do so?  I just don't want to confuse the sysadmins.

    When you refer to listhelper, are you talking about a program or a
    combination of a program and volunteers despamming? 

It's a combination of a variety of things -- spamassassin, a specific
set of mailman configuration settings, humans, etc.  The two people
involved are me and Bob Proulx.  We wrote a brief description at (and linked pages).

    Is there any other despamming method that we should be choosing to
    use or not, other than listhelper?

The sysadmins have additional spam filtering in place on,
the results of which are not accessible to users.  The filtered junk
msgs end up in lists:/spam/LISTNAME.  It kills a whole lot of mail, but
happily, the few times I have had occasion to check there, I have never
seen real messages wrongly classified as spam.  I am not sure what
program is used for that filtering, if it's just spamassassin or
something else.

As for anything else -- I can't exactly imagine what it would be, but we
would surely like to know if any other spam filtering is put in place,
whether for the system or for particular lists.

    Just to clarify, if the sysadmins use ~list/, it will
    have listhelper set up to do despamming?

Yes, that's correct.


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