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mistaken discard on debbugs-submit

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: mistaken discard on debbugs-submit
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2013 15:41:57 -0400

So that you can retrain on it, this discard was not spam:

Aug 03 15:03:03 2013 (1780) Debbugs-submit post from address@hidden held,
Post by non-member to a members-only list
Aug 03 15:11:03 2013 (1779) debbugs-submit: Discarded posting:
    From: address@hidden
    Subject: 24.3; Typo in "Introduction to Elisp"
Aug 03 15:11:03 2013 (1779) -request/hold autoresponse discarded for: 

Full mail is at .

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