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Re: more debbugs-submit discards

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: more debbugs-submit discards
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 15:49:26 -0600

    Three in one day makes me think something must be wrong.

Indeed.  Should be more like three in three years, if that.

However, we can't find how listhelper is involved.  Bob grepped for the
message-id's in your latest and they aren't there.  Also, ordinarily the
messages would come from a whitelisted address so we would never see
them.  Neither he nor I remembers seeing them in our manual review, let
alone discarding them.  Certainly not today.

I tried to look at the mailman setup for debbugs-submit, but is 404.  What am I
missing?  Anyway, my notes say that the password I have is only to be
moderator, so I couldn't look at the config anyway.

Any clues in the mailman logs?  MTA logs?  I wonder if some FSF machine
is discarding them before they even get to you.

Sorry that I don't have more of a clue ...

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