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Re: Debbugs-submit post from address@hidden requires approval

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Debbugs-submit post from address@hidden requires approval
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 03:04:37 -0400

Bob Proulx wrote (on Mon, 17 Sep 2012 at 15:22 -0600):

> The listhelper spamassassin robot didn't discard it.  Listhelper's
> Spamassassin classified it as non-spam.  I found the message in the
> non-spam folder.
> However one of the humans, either myself or Karl, did mark it as spam
> in the human review process!  I don't know which of us.  Sorry about
> that.  A slip of the fingers I am sure.  I found it in the marked as
> spam for Bayes training folder.  So as Hal in the movie 2001 said, "It
> can only be attributable to human error."

No problem. I thought it was a mistake from the automatic system; I
wouldn't have bothered to report a human error. Now I know you feed
the results back for training I'll report it if I see it happen again
(this was the first such mistake I ever saw).

> Is there a log that would tell you if it were discarded by web page or
> by email md5sum control message?  That would be cool to know about.
> This would have had an md5sum email generated, although if a human
> gets to the web page interface first then both might happen.

I just look at /var/log/mailman/vette, which says in this case:

Sep 11 10:10:43 2012 (706) debbugs-submit: Discarded posting:
        From: address@hidden
        Subject: Issue of the cp on Ubuntu 10.10
Sep 11 10:10:43 2012 (706) -request/hold autoresponse discarded for: 

(which I thought was a bot.) For things discarded from the web
interface it says something slightly different, eg:

Sep 17 11:58:57 2012 (2487) debbugs-submit: Discarded posting:
        From: address@hidden
        Subject: Lower price sale | Dubai | JLT | Fortune Executive | Office
        Reason: Your message was deemed inappropriate by the

The main way I tell the difference is that I patched the Mailman web
interface to always "preserve for administrator", and this was not
preserved. (I wish I knew how to do that for email discard messages

***  2012-01-06 22:20:55.000000000 -0500
---  2012-01-06 22:22:50.000000000 -0500
*** 704,709 ****
--- 704,711 ----
          if action in (mm_cfg.DEFER, mm_cfg.APPROVE,
                        mm_cfg.REJECT, mm_cfg.DISCARD):
              preserve = actions.get('senderpreserve', 0)
+             if action in (mm_cfg.REJECT, mm_cfg.DISCARD):
+                 preserve = 1
              forward = actions.get('senderforward', 0)
              forwardaddr = actions.get('senderforwardto', '')
              bysender = helds_by_sender(mlist)

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