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[liquidwar-user] Fwd: Some Liquid War news

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: [liquidwar-user] Fwd: Some Liquid War news
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 09:18:14 +0200
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Ah crap, I answered to Kasper as a private message but that was meant to
be public (sorry Kasper for the double send, won't repeat).


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Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Some Liquid War news
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 06:46:16 +0200


Good to know you're still around ! Godot does support VR. Game might
need some adaptation but yes, it does. Another strong point of
high-level game engines like Godot is that they ease up the
collaboration between artists and programmers. Eg: an artist can craft a
"local Scene" (in Godot terms, in Unity it would be a prefab) typically
representing a fighter/monster/item/whatever and then it gets
incorporated in the program transparently. Something I've always been
unable to do with "hand crafted" games such as LW5 and LW6. You're well
placed to know that, the best integration I've been able to do is import
contributed images and sounds, but that's it, no more.

That Chroma Lab vid looks great.

BTW long time ago I created a Slack Workspace on there's literally nobody there (just me) as
dev has been quite stall lately but if anybody wants to join, door is
wide open. Just ping me on this list or personally. Kasper & Michael I
send you invites, feel free to refuse, no worries, just a proposal, I
don't want to be intrusive.

Have a nice day,


On 11/05/2020 18:16, Kasper Hviid wrote:
> Wow, amazing news! Ran the prog. Not much to see so far, but ... no errors.
> Yay!
> Coincidently, I've been trying to get into Godot, too. So far I have only a
> faint idea of how the various things behave. I really like the pythonish
> scripting, though.
> Talking of multiple platforms, I've been thinking that LW could be plenty
> fun in VR. numerous particles moving about just look so much more physical
> in VR, like in Chroma Lab <>. I
> think Godot supports VR?
>  - Kasper
> Den søn. 10. maj 2020 kl. 17.47 skrev Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
>> Hi all,
>> A few words on this (very low traffic lately) mailing list.
>> About Liquid War 5, FYI I'm currently trying to "push forward" an
>> attempt to make it "Allegro 5 compatible". The purpose of this is to
>> enable the old codebase to make its way through time and live on
>> "recent" computers. Example: Allegro 4 does not build on a recent Mac so
>> it's not possible to produce binaries for modern systems any more. Also,
>> porting it to Allegro 5 would mean Android support which, in itself, is
>> cool. I've put quite some energy into this, if you are curious, you can
>> take a look on Github
>> About Liquid War 6, TBH the GNU Project is going through complicated
>> times, I'm committed to maintaining this for security fixes, minor
>> updates, but won't probably make any significant updates there. Among
>> the real show stoppers there are: C is really not productive enough, I
>> can't get the speed of development I get with other languages such as,
>> typically, Go.
>> About Liquid War 7... Wait, what, there's a *seven* ? Well, quite so.
>> Not happy with Liquid War 6 basis - the fact I was unable to cram
>> network support into it in 10+ years speaks for itself - I tried a bunch
>> of alternatives. One was backporting Liquid War 5, the other one was to
>> try-yet-another-thing. I explored a lot of options. Ranging from
>> switching to Unity3D, writing a Go program using G3N
>> or even switch to Rust with Piston
>> (I happen to be a seasoned Go
>> developer now, and Rust is my new default choice to write programs,
>> generally speaking). But in the end, I tried to figure out what was
>> *IMPORTANT* to me, and players in general. Players do not care about the
>> language the program is written in, and also, nowadays, they want it to
>> run on any platform, and more precisely, it should run on mobile,
>> including both Android and iOS. In that category, there's a newcomer,
>> which was not there by the time I started Liquid War 6, let alone Liquid
>> War 5, so no regret, and this newcomer is Godot
>> ... This thing is Open Source and I've been toying around with it and
>> long story made short -> I was able to achieve in 5 days what took me
>> about 3 months with the Liquid War 6 technical stack. Been quite
>> impressed there. The current work is nowhere near a playable game, it's
>> here for now with no binaries, no
>> nothing.
>> So there I am, hacking again, do not hold your breath, I'm making no
>> promises on any future release date, but just, well, it's happening,
>> lots of underground work, and I thought I had to drop a word about it.
>> Enjoy and take care,
>> Christian.
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