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Re: [liquidwar-user] Some Liquid War news

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Some Liquid War news
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 11:42:39 -0700

As someone that loved LiquidWar, and hated the "DI" (dumb intelligence), and 
never had someone else to play against, I just have one word to say:


So Godot will give us mobile and network? Sounds good. I cannot imagine how 
you'll manage latency issues, unless everyone goes through your central server, 
and that will destroy your data limit as the massive number of players play :-)

On 2020-05-10, at 8:18 AM, Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi all,
> A few words on this (very low traffic lately) mailing list.
> About Liquid War 5, FYI I'm currently trying to "push forward" an
> attempt to make it "Allegro 5 compatible". The purpose of this is to
> enable the old codebase to make its way through time and live on
> "recent" computers. Example: Allegro 4 does not build on a recent Mac so
> it's not possible to produce binaries for modern systems any more. Also,
> porting it to Allegro 5 would mean Android support which, in itself, is
> cool. I've put quite some energy into this, if you are curious, you can
> take a look on Github
> About Liquid War 6, TBH the GNU Project is going through complicated
> times, I'm committed to maintaining this for security fixes, minor
> updates, but won't probably make any significant updates there. Among
> the real show stoppers there are: C is really not productive enough, I
> can't get the speed of development I get with other languages such as,
> typically, Go.
> About Liquid War 7... Wait, what, there's a *seven* ? Well, quite so.
> Not happy with Liquid War 6 basis - the fact I was unable to cram
> network support into it in 10+ years speaks for itself - I tried a bunch
> of alternatives. One was backporting Liquid War 5, the other one was to
> try-yet-another-thing. I explored a lot of options. Ranging from
> switching to Unity3D, writing a Go program using G3N
> or even switch to Rust with Piston
> (I happen to be a seasoned Go
> developer now, and Rust is my new default choice to write programs,
> generally speaking). But in the end, I tried to figure out what was
> *IMPORTANT* to me, and players in general. Players do not care about the
> language the program is written in, and also, nowadays, they want it to
> run on any platform, and more precisely, it should run on mobile,
> including both Android and iOS. In that category, there's a newcomer,
> which was not there by the time I started Liquid War 6, let alone Liquid
> War 5, so no regret, and this newcomer is Godot
> ... This thing is Open Source and I've been toying around with it and
> long story made short -> I was able to achieve in 5 days what took me
> about 3 months with the Liquid War 6 technical stack. Been quite
> impressed there. The current work is nowhere near a playable game, it's
> here for now with no binaries, no
> nothing.
> So there I am, hacking again, do not hold your breath, I'm making no
> promises on any future release date, but just, well, it's happening,
> lots of underground work, and I thought I had to drop a word about it.
> Enjoy and take care,
> Christian.
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