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[liquidwar-user] Liquid War 5 German & Danish translation

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: [liquidwar-user] Liquid War 5 German & Danish translation
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 21:22:11 +0200
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I'm currently re-packaging LW5 for one (final?) version, last release
was in 2007, since then a few bugs have been fixed and package needed
some basic maintenance (for instance, the Mac OSX port isn't up to
date). Additionnally, Liquid War 6 is reaching (IMHO already reached)
the stage where it does perform better than Liquid War 5 even if it
lacks some key features such as network play. Therefore, I implemented a
special "please upgrade to LW6" splash message that is displayed the
first time you launch Liquid War 5.6.5 (the upcoming release). It does
work well, however I'd like the message to be displayed in the right
language, I did the French translation but if someone could help me with:
- German (de)
- Danish (dk)
it would be of great help. The message to be translated follows:

This program is obsolete, please consider upgrading to Liquid War 6,
available on

However, Liquid War 5 is still available for your convenience, and you
can play it freely. Only major security holes will be fixed, expect no
major changes on this legacy branch.

I'd also need to translate the single word "OK" (believe it or not, it
never appeared in LW5 GUI until now...). I guess I can google that anyway.

Any suggestion about the content of the message is welcome, it has to be
short (not much longer that the above, this is also appliable to the
translation), and incite people to upgrade while still stating playing
LW5 is OK.

Thanks in advance, and have a nice day,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> - ___ __/\__
Liquid War 6 -     / _")\~ \~/
"Les amis de la vérité sont ceux qui la cherchent et non _/ /   /_ o_\
ceux qui se vantent de l'avoir trouvée" - Condorcet     (__/      \/

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