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[liquidwar-user] Finally I managed to put Mac OS X binaries online...

From: ufoot
Subject: [liquidwar-user] Finally I managed to put Mac OS X binaries online...
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 08:51:31 +0100
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Sorry for being so late, have been busy and what's more cut from the web for a few weeks, but I finally managed to put Dave's binary online.

Available here, as usual:

Additionnally, here's an HOWTO explaining how to build Liquid War from sources on Mac OS X, contributed by Sebastian Vollmer:

How to install Liquid War on MacOS X?

First of all the Requirements are:
-esound (available on fink)
-Developer Tools
-Allegro >=4.1.16 (

First you have to install Allegro:
You have to get the UNSTABLE unix source from If you tried to install the stable one, you have to completely remove it!!! Otherwise you are not able to install it. Then you have to extract it. Go to its directory in a shell and type following commands:
chmod +x
./ macosx
sudo make install
sudo make install-template

Then download Liquid War from
extract to a directory
If you are using bash type:
If you are you using tcsh;

run ./ unix
sudo make install

and thats it,,,,
I hope you enjoy playing that game

Oh, and BTW, there's also an upcoming Liquid War fanfic, simply needs to be put online. Stay tuned.



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