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Re: [liquidwar-user] Mac OS X beta version of Liquid Wars

From: ufoot
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Mac OS X beta version of Liquid Wars
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 22:03:08 +0100
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Drew Engelbrecht a écrit :
I'm trying to compile the source for Mac OS X, but am having slight difficulty. I installed the .pkg form of the allegro end-user dist. for Mac OS X. Then realizing I needed the developer version, I compiled and installed the developer version. However when running ./configure, I get the following error message:

checking for allegro-config... yes
checking for Allegro... found 4.1.17.
checking for dat... no
configure: error: Couldn't find the allegro datafile compiler - please install the complete Allegro package with all its developper tools. The end-user package is not enough to compile Liquid War.

Is this an issue with configure or my computer? Thanks.
Nope. Problem is that for "some reason", "dat", which is an executable needed by LW to compile, and provided by allegro, is either not in the path or does not have the same name on MacOS X. You need to find out where this "dat" executable or its replacement on MacOS X is (it surely exists somewhere) and then manage so that calling "dat" from the command line launches the right program. You could probably achieve this by making a symbolic link or adding some directory to your path.

Also, how do I get esd?
AFAIK esd, liquidwar and allegro don't go very well together.

Good luck,



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