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RE: [liquidwar-user] KDE, ALSA, and sound

From: David Redick
Subject: RE: [liquidwar-user] KDE, ALSA, and sound
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 11:37:15 -0400

I had a similar problem on my systems.  I fixed it but I can't remember
what I did.

I seem to remember the root cause is Allegro and ALSA not playing well
Have you tried Allegro 4.1.15?  Its a work in progress (aka testing) but
it should work.

But then again you said the Allegro demo sounds work correctly.
Hmm.. I'll have to play around with it.

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Subject: [liquidwar-user] KDE, ALSA, and sound

I can't seem to get *any* sound with Liquid War 5.6.2 on my Debian 2.6.6
(sid/unstable) system with nForce chipset and Allegro version 4.0.3
Unix.  I'm running under KDE 3.3.0, with aRts configured to output via
ALSA to my "nforce" device instead of the default device (although they
are identical).  XMMS plays correctly with the OSS or ALSA outputs;
Kaboodle plays properly; Xine works with the aRts output. 

When LW starts, it says:

Installing sound (digi="aRts", midi="DIGMID") - success!

Since this is Debian, I also get:

liquidwar: built with a non-Debian (or old) Allegro, running glue code
liquidwar: everything went fine

It even claims to have loaded the sound fx.  No sound. 

I tried changing ~/.allegrorc, specifying ALSA drivers; LW ignored it.  
(This was before I installed liballegro-plugin-arts; until then, it had
claimed digi="Open Source Sound".)  I also specified XWIN and XDGA
drivers, which LW also cheerfully ignored.  The Allegro testing stuff
seems to understand.  At least, the allegro-demo worked, sound and all.

So what am I missing?  Liquid War is the one game I can play with *all*
my kids, even across Windows/Linux computers.  We love it.  We'd love it
even more if we could hear it on the Linux computer.

Thanks in advance,

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