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RE: [liquidwar-user] Liquid War 5.6.1

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: RE: [liquidwar-user] Liquid War 5.6.1
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 19:38:17 +0000

On 11. januar 2004, Christian Mauduit said:
Just released 5.6.1 today. Nothing very very new, just a few bug-fixes.

Still Windows users might be happy to know that now the lwmapgen utility
by D. Redick fully works on this platform, that's to say that the
"random map" button is finally able to launch the external program
without too much trouble.

Thats great! :-)

However, WinRar refuses to extract! :-(

Other zip files works fine, so I think there is an error in I Hope you can fix it!

Christian, you have said that version 5.6.1 would be the final version. The next step would be a complete rewrite of the game, since the code had become too chaotic to work with. I thought about that when I saw this article, which was one big crusade against rewrites! It did have a few good points:

- Kasper

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