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[liquidwar-user] liquid war feedback

From: MoAoGoIoCoIoAoN
Subject: [liquidwar-user] liquid war feedback
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 10:58:16 EST


this game is great!
it should range somewhere between Conway's life and Langton's Ant, Boids aso.

an algo like a law of nature

only very interesting games/programs make you think of details to improve/ wishes for next releases (if there shall be):
o it would be good to control starting positions ..
o would be nice to have a choice of cursors, maybe little humans, or a pair of little 
        Wizards, Buddhas, Paladins, Elves, .. for each color running up'n down the
        coordinates of cursor (optics like they were directing, handling the cursor from
o more colors for the armys, to e.g. get a topographic-map-feeling while watching ai
o spread or flocked starting patterns for the armys

ok, take these comments as born of enthousiasm (not critics)

i like the flood of intelligent options!

i wish the program more popularity!




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