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Re: [liquidwar-user] Danish version

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Danish version
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 12:50:55 +0000

On saturday, Nov 08, 2003, Christian Mauduit wrote:

Well, your maps definitely look great!

Thanks! :-D

ac.bmp had no acm.bmp associated to it, and ac.bmp was "the map itself"
instead of being "the texture for the map".
rectm.bmp seems to have been "inverted", I had to exchange white and
black to have it work.

Ups! I have fixed that now!

> Im a Windows user (I didnt tell you), so a binary would be great!
OK, the binary won't be ready tomorrow for sure, I can't compile it by
now, but I'll try to make one ASAP.

Thats still great! Take your time!

Any texture called foo.* is automatically associated to a map named
foo.*. Having the same name is not such a problem since they are stored
in different directories. Alternatively I could add an option that would
be "consider filenames are equal if they are the same but the last letter". I don't think it's mandatory, but please give me your opinion
on this.

Thanks for asking! Just remove the 'm' from the maps! I have no deeper feelings for that letter!

By the way, I really consider creating some more intelligent names for some of the maps. The names they have right know where made pretty quickly when I had to save them. Letting the first letter be in uppercase would also help. My site still has the old names. Updating my site is a bother, since its generated in a rather wacky way, by Photoshop scripting and by hand. But these are the names I consider:

big.bmp = Big 1.bmp
bored.bmp => Labyrinth 1.bmp
clean.bmp => Green.bmp
circlus.bmp => Space 1.bmp
dirt.bmp => Labyrinth 2.bmp
garden.bmp => Labyrinth 3.bmp
labyrint.bmp => Labyrinth 4.bmp
logo.bmp => Logo 1.bmp
metation.bmp => Carpe Diem.bmp
lw.bmp => Logo 2.bmp
paper.bmp => Big 2.bmp
place.bmp => Retro.bmp
rect.bmp => Rectangle 1.bmp
rectangle.bmp => Rectangle 2.bmp
skull.bmp => Skull 1.bmp
skull-big.bmp => Skull 2.bmp
tiles.bmp => Space 2.bmp
3x3.bmp => Tick Tack Toe.bmp

- Kasper

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