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[liquidwar-user] random map generator

From: Redick David A
Subject: [liquidwar-user] random map generator
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 14:23:17 -0500
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I seem to remember someone wanting a random map generator
for liquid war but I haven't heard much about it since.

Anyway I started to hack and got a fairly good framework.

Currently its "pre-alpha" but it can create playable maps.
All be it, rather boring ones.  Just random rectangles =]

Its a stand alone program that creates bitmaps.
Hopefully I'll be able to write some cooler functions and
provide a interface with the liquidwar game.

Compile it and play with it.  Let me know what you think.

BTW: to create and alter bitmaps in allegro I have to create
an allegro window to get the palette.  Is there a way around
that?  This is my first allegro program and I don't know the api
that well.

David Redick                       address@hidden
IRC                        #clug

     CLUG: Clemson, Linux, Users and GNU!

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