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Re: [liquidwar-user] GAME SUGGESTIONS

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] GAME SUGGESTIONS
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 22:58:56 +0200
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On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 10:22:26PM -0700, NAPOLEON TORBY wrote:
> I just want to say that liquid war despite being so simple is probaly the 
> best wargame ever made for the computer.  While liquid war is agreat game I 
> think there are things that can be done to improve it like

> A Creating a random map generator
> this would make the game more replayable and make it more exciting and 
> challenging
Yep, that's a good idea. I should look on what's been done on games like
Liero, NiL, Pingus and all the Worms clones for I belive making a random
LW map is not so different from making a random Worm map.
> B choosing the sizes of armies
> you get to give particular armies advantages or disadvantage in sizes
> like blue can be smaller than red if you want for example
This should be quite fast to implement. Might make it in 5.5.10. Depends
on how quick I am to fix network bugs ;-P
> C giving the computer a personality
> some computers will always strike frontally, some will strike the rear, some 
> avoid battle the computer ai could be modeled after real generals
mmm this sound hard to code IMHO. The current AI is not really what
you'd call an AI. It's a trick that makes it *possible* to play against
a computer, but it barely has any strategy. To some extent, LW is a bit
like real time GO for computers, and GO is known as being very tricky to
learn for computers. Still, the fact that it looks hard to do must not
prevent us from trying to do it.

FYI I'm currently trying to finish another game which should have been
ready back in 1999, so it's late enough for me to think of it as someone
"urgent" and then I might revamp LW's code, which will leave plenty of
room for inovation.

Have a nice day,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>     __/\__ ___
                                        \~/ ~/(`_ \   ___                   /_o _\   \ \_/ _ \_            \/      \___/ \__)

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