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Re: [liquidwar-user] Mac OS X Client

From: Rib Rdb
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] Mac OS X Client
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 11:19:04 -0800 (PST)

--- Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> Huh, well, if it's only a script and an image, it's
> OK to post them on
> this list. Attachements are allowed provided that
> the whole message is
> under 100Kb.

What I meant was, that it is a shell script, an icon,
and a statically linked binary all wrapped up in the
standard OS X package format.  There are also some
extra things included - GPL; a quickly, badly written
readme, and the POV Ray source for my icon.  

> - the packaging script already works, and I maintain
> it 8-)

Perhaps, if we can get other people to test my shell
script, you could add the ability to make the OS X
Application Bundle.

> If you want to send such a binary to me, you can use
> my personnal email:
> address@hidden which can handle files up to 4Mb
> AFAIK. I have no idea
> how to read a .dmg 8-)

As far as the format, .dmg is what Mac users will
expect.   They mount it, read the license and readme,
then copy the application to wherever they want to put
it.  I created the .tar.gz so that non Mac people
could see what I had done.

> > The app itself compiled almost perfectly (the only
> > problem was with Allegro's esd code).  
> Thanks for the time you spent on this. Maybe I could
> add a section in
> the docs to talk about these MacOS-X specific
> points?
> > Networking is not working. I'm assuming this is
> because of
> > endianness, but I suppose it could possibly be
> because
> > I was using 5.5.8dev lying that it was 5.5.8. It
> > connects but then fails to send the map.
> You're right about the endianess problem, however
> I've good reasons to
> think that the reason that made your connection fail
> is that I've added
> a configuration option in 5.5.8dev (the "all CPUs
> fight a single human"
> problem) and this wrecks compatibility with previous
> versions...
> I think you could technically play with your actual
> binary and a recent
> 5.5.8dev server, however with the code you have you
> probably won't be
> able to play against people running PCs.
> The point is I just updated the code on the CVS
> repository to fix this
> endianess problem. I'll try and run a 5.5.8dev
> server tomorrow, and be
> online at about 17h00 GMT. Basically, if you see a
> 5.5.8dev server
> appearing, it's me, and I'll be ready for testing if
> you wish. Of course
> you'll need to use the current CVS code to fix the
> endianess problem 8-)

I'll see if I can update and be there.  If it works I
can send you the binary.  Would you prefer the
.tar.gz, .dmg, or both?

]> As you probably noticed, the biggest problem with
> by now is the fact
> that there aren'y many people playing online 8'-(

Well, I'll see if I can help with that too.
> Thanks again for the Mac OS X port and have a nice
> day,
> Christian.

Thank you for the game!

I'm attaching the icon I made.  I can't attach the
shell script becuase IE is being a dork, and yahoo!
mail's javascript doesn't work with Apple's browser.

#!/usr/bin/perl -l
print pack 'N6', @_[5,0,3,1,4,2];

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