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Re: [liquidwar-user] PC Action

From: Jan Gretschuskin
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] PC Action
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 19:28:56 +0100

Hmm, PC Action...

I don't read PC Action any more, but i think about 50.000 people in Germany 
read this 
mag. But it's brothermag PC Games is very famous in Germany, only Gamestar has 
more readers... And what PC Action does, will be done by PC Games in the 
future, too.

Could you include the URL into my entrance of the 
credits? If 
some of the PC Action readers would read this,  the project would have a better 
The page should be online in some days. 

BTW - how many people receive this list?


On 17 Dec 2002 at 18:15, Christian Mauduit wrote:

> Hi,
> FYI, the German magazine PC Action ( seems to
> plan to put Liquid War on its cover CD/DVD. So it appears that German
> support was definitely *the* feature to implement, considering there's 
> also a bunch of German speaking people on this list (*) 8-)
> BTW, I'll start collecting ideas for LW 5.6.x during the beginning of
> year 2003. What I plan for 5.5.6 is basically:
> - minor graphic enhancements. This topic has been discussed on this list
>   before, but now it's going to get sort of serious.
> - theme support. I want to get rid of the ugly default red on green
>   menu items.
> - network fixes. Although if I have a bright idea on how to fix the lag
>   problem I might release a 5.5.9 version with this fix/feature only.
> - better packagind. This might include an official BSD port as well as a
>   self-extract/auto-install Windows executable. Nullsoft SuperPimp
>   ( ) seems a wise choice to me.
> As usual, any idea is welcome. In fact, the purpose of this post is to
> offer an opportunity to make suggestions.
> Have a nice day,
> Christian.
> (*) compared to the total amount of people on the list of course ;-P
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