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Re: [liquidwar-user] A Map

From: Mouse
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] A Map
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 10:03:17 -0400

Your method of creating a map, that is create a "shape" bitmap and an
"appearance" bitmap raises an interesting problem: maps in LW5 look
rather "flat" and this is not very nice to look at. So you decided to
give it a "3D" effect.

I don't consider it a "problem". Liquid War to me is about simple (yet strangely addicting) gameplay. It would still be just as good even if it used 16 color CGA graphics. On the other hand, aesthetically pleasing graphics would only enhance the game even more.

being dependent of a given program to create maps, especially when it's
a DOS program.

One of my two graphic programs of choice is a DOS program, Neopaint.

So that's it for my ideas, I'm waiting for yours 8-)
Personnally, my favorite solution is b), but that's _my_ opinion only.

How about a combination of (a) and (b)? When the program starts, check for a config file matching the map name. The config file could contain a preferred texture scheme (, music, and whatever future options you include) for the map. When cycling through the maps, load the preferred stuff instead of (or over) the previously selected. When you move on to a map without a scheme, reload whatever the user had selected themselves. Take it a step further by adding a "do not use preferred scheme" toggle so every map will use the user preference, keeping the current method intact.

Not really related, but I do think some kind of thumbnail selector (for both maps and textures) would be nice. That way one wouldn't have to scroll through everything individually.

PS: I think including map3d_m.bmp in the current CVS tree is a good
idea. However, I don't think I'll include the textures until we've
found a way to handle them "cleanly". Is it OK to include map3d_m.bmp
(GNU GPL etc...) ?

Can if you like. I was never good at naming stuff like this, so just use LWMX1, Mouse1, or anything else if you can think of something different/better. It's no big deal to me.

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