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[liquidwar-user] Game. Arrange?

From: Tim Chadburn
Subject: [liquidwar-user] Game. Arrange?
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 22:20:48 +0100

>>> I'd be curious to play a game with you test your theory about the elephant 
>>> and the boa >8-]
>Yep, did wrote it!

Hmm, I may have got lost in the "being stupid" aspect of writing email but was 
actually going to see if we could bring this game into existence? i.e. 
arrange it? It may be that we're waiting for 5.5.0, of course. Also, from 
what you've previously said I get the impression you have a much more 
time-constrained life than me, so I guess you get choice of time.

Because I, too, would be curious to test my theory about the elephant and the 
boa... ;)

Obviously y'don't have to. But I know you'll be wanting to test out the net 
features in 5.5.0, so I'm taking advantage as best I can. Hey, that's me.

> Broadband might be usefull but fancy PC is useless... ...for the server 8-)
I think I may have made a fundamental misunderstanding of what the LW server 
actually does. In games like Freeciv, the server does all the 
number-crunching, i.e. all the work, and the dumb clients just provide a user 
interface. I think in Liquid War, where the game normally runs with just the 
one process, the 'work' is probably still done by the 'liquidwar' processes 
in a network game, and the server just acts as kind of a master data 
repository or something; damn, I'm going to have to read the source code 

Oh, and just to be really thorough about making sure our times mean the same, 
I'm on British Summer Time here. That's GMT+1, if I read it correctly.


bash: /home/tim/.signature: found it this time, but it sucks so I'm not going 
to print it.

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