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[liquidwar-user] Much throwing of gauntlets

From: tim . chadburn
Subject: [liquidwar-user] Much throwing of gauntlets
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 23:45:40 +0100

On some day or other, I think it was a good day, but I'm not quite sure, it 
might have been raining at least I definitely saw  <snip> ...
Christian Mauduit ( or was it his hyper-human alter-ego the electric-powered 
flying shoe saving the world against software fascism, the so-called 
"U-Foot"?) wrote: (Did he? Or am I making this up? Bear THAT in mind as you 
walk to the bus stop tomorrow...)

> I'd be curious to play a game with you test your theory about the elephant 
> and the boa >8-]

I am delighted to announce that I have trained a bunch of goons to play Liquid 
War, and would like to test their abilities (and my own, natch) against The 
Almighty Maintainer Himself at the earliest possible opportunity.

Don't think you have much to worry about from them as they can't even beat me, 
but they're kids and they learn fast...

Probably makes sense for me to run server as I have newly built PC + 
broadband. Fortunatyely for me. (shut up)

Open to all mailing list participants too? :-)  Damn, we might even reach the 
dreaded 6-player limit... 

Will Liquid War's 6-player limit be the next "640K"? Will the internet slow 
down and collapse in the not-too-distant future due to masses of 9-year-old 
kids (it seems to be crack to them) competing in hyper-global Liquid War 
tournaments and permanent worlds made entirely from joined up Liquid War 
maps? Will Joe's dad ever make any money from that old sideline with the 
stock car and the huge gamma ray emitter? Will I ever shut the hell up?

I have to say, the answer to that last one is definitely no. My pointless 
rambling's point is to test the integrity of mailing list participants - 
those who are really interested will put up with my incessant 100% noise to 
-3.2% signal ratio because they are genuine LW d00dz, but people who would 
just flame / irritate / Spoil People's Fun don't have that genuine motivation 
to put up with it all and get scared off.

"Much throwing of gauntlets" is free email. You may redistribute it freely, 
providing certain conditions are met. See the file " COPYING" which almost 
certainly did not come with this textual stupidity. 

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