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Re: [liquidwar-user] midi/oss allegro issues

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [liquidwar-user] midi/oss allegro issues
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 20:55:46 +0200
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On Sat, Mar 30, 2002 at 08:02:39AM +0000, Tim Chadburn wrote:
> As far as I know, if a valid FM driver is present in the kernel, Allegro will 
> use it.
> All that we can really do is make sure people know about this. BTW, I've read 
> the alsamidi.c file, and there doesn't seem to be the 'FM only' limitation 
> there, but I could be wrong. I can't find any official documentation on it, 
> although the Allegro mailing list archive is useful-ish.
> So, without further ado, here is a cut'n'paste where you like answer to "My 
> midi doesn't work
> on OSS".
Thanks for your answer. I've included your quotation in the "bugs"
section (commited it in CVS). I changed the layout a little bit
to make it fit in my - ugly - home made basic XML doc format.
I also ***ed the "f" word at the end of the message, I'm personnally
not a "politically correct" addict, but thought some people could be
offended - but I do not feel offended by that kind of terms at all, be
sure of it 8-) Oh, and BTW I'll also move later the last part of your
message, which is not 100% midi-bug-related. But I'll keep cause I
really enjoyed reading that part.

I hope to be able to release 5.5.0 soon. This release will make it
easier to set up network games and find other online players. I'd be
curious to play a game with you test your theory about the elephant 
and the boa >8-]

I also added fodder.mid to the CVS depot. Really liked that one.

Thanks again and have a nice day.


Christian Mauduit

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