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Hot Vacancy - $3000/Monthly

From: RuAmerica Co.
Subject: Hot Vacancy - $3000/Monthly
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 04:41:28 +0500

Hello Dear customer,


Let me say few words about our new vacancy.


The regional agent/Money manager


You can be sure that working with us is perspective for your career.

The average salary will be around $3000 / Monthly.


We suggest you to familiarize with our current vacancies.


We invite citizens from other countries for cooperation.

Functions of the regional agent/Money manager: receiving and cashing out payments from our customers and then transferring funds to our clients.




10-20% from each payment !!!


You can learn more about this vacancy and fill application form here:


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Thank you for your time.

RuAmerica Co.

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