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Re: defrau = mobiliz

From: Barb Jester
Subject: Re: defrau = mobiliz
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 09:29:52 +0900

question. You will leave behind a deadly and destructive situation.
Any idea what this is-or what it means?
And I am sure I have a few answers, it said with surly overtones.
and our goal. This is not always possible. There are sometimes
I raised my fist and he hurriedly jumped back. The porcuswine prods
What do you mean?
taking off these clamps for a bit?
Very well done, well done indeed, Svinjar said, waddling over and
We were slammed back into our seats and were on our way. High and
not a step at all but a man dressed in gray, kneeling on all fours. He

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