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Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 13:51:30 +0700

Get rid of all you owe not even sending another dollar.  Stop the
embarrassing telephone calls. Bring to an end to the payments!

Believe it or not a good number lending establishments not following the
banking laws here. Implausible but valid!

Join us for thorough fine points as regards our procedure at 0.00 payment
or obligation. You have not anything to lose and a lot to reap.

Contact us at:
Meticulous info or to cease getting or to read postal

Into the Black Pit and Out Again When they came to the mountain it proved
to be a rugged, towering chunk of deep green glass, and looked dismal and
forbidding in the extreme. The fat chief had seen something of white men in
his youth, and had learned to mistrust them

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