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Re: overbor = statut

From: Montague Levalley
Subject: Re: overbor = statut
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 02:37:52 +0200

the best night vision in the fleet.
Very good-you are quoting from . . . ?
think I will have to. You will see for yourselves.
I was right-torturers! I bellowed. Torture first-then murder. And
everything was in great swing already. I ready. And gory too; I
Going to have to be. The discards may be great operators but I will
closed the lid.
Now the ten-thousand-fedha question. Where is it now?
bully-boys had manhandled a sizable padded chair up onto the platform;
Well do our best, I said. But it is a group called the
barred gates, one after another, until we finally reached a singularly

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