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Re: acquire = panniki

From: Lure Sthilaire
Subject: Re: acquire = panniki
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 19:17:11 -0300

Well it is a little hard to have a bath when youre on the trail, I
For his size he was fast, whipping out the broadsword from the niche
Usually, by the time I had exited the launch, he would be calling me.
Floyd was snoring lightly, sound asleep. Yet his eyes were open the
swinging, right side up now, while the blood seeped out of my florid
Heimskurs name among the others. We find out who he is and what he
Yes, sure, youre on. Not that I have a choice.
Then the water stopped splashing down. It was cold and I was
And the door opened below me.
Enjoy the break. And dont do a thing until we find out more here.

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