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moderate who

From: Edwin Montoya
Subject: moderate who
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 01:26:06 +0200
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I find that a surprising number of people know me! It's happened a million times and each time is a stunning world-changer.
and take our picture, mainly, because Truman's so darned adorable. Well, I'm afraid even to look at it, myself, because it will only prove how ridiculously behind schedule I am.
" Actually, that last one made me laugh.
Update: It seems as if the foiled terrorists' plot to blow up airplanes with liquid explosives, also foiled the plans to air our segment. I couldn't possibly tell you how it was done other than "bottom up" and I used the mitten trick of holding stitches "blank" with scrap yarn for the tongue.
We're only one family, with only one car off the road.
And how about my campaign to end the use of variegated pastel yarn for knitting baby socks? They were really excited when I gave them an old tennis ball to play with.
" There was no winding down.
I call it the "reds of all kinds" wrap, or is it the "reds of many kinds" wrap? The Chicken Caesar Salad: DELICIOUS!
As your resident overachiever, I find I flit from specialty to specialty, one day thinking myself the ultimate expert on the debate between feminists and stay-at-home mamas, the next, cupcakes.
They're not due 'til next week.
Hmmm, I need more cables! Because we worked hard cleaning up for y'all.
"You're only allowed to IM me if you have something nice to say. Going down I wanted seven-minute miles to balance out those slower climbs.
the queen of the art form . I designed and helped my mom sew all the bridesmaids dresses, in a variety of gorgeous reds and pinks and oranges.
But hopefully some of you will read this, or see us on the BBC, and be inspired to make a change yourselves.
Please join me, one pregnant mama at a time you know.
All that was left to do: make a quilt. It's a realization of years of idle planning, ideas spun while breastfeeding or showering, scraps squirrelled away. There's Truman stuffing his face with brownies. It won't surprise you, knowing me like you do, to hear that today my expertise is somewhere new.
He smiles, and smiles. I knitted it on the plane, with my own two hands, and will include an little story I wrote called "jelika, the tomboy hen. Do you know about the Hood-to-Coast?
I kept passing people in their front yards gardening, on the sidewalks, biking past me.

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