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Re: [linterna-magica-users] Linterna-magica not inserting itself in Vime

From: Ivaylo Valkov
Subject: Re: [linterna-magica-users] Linterna-magica not inserting itself in Vimeo pages, when new layout used
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 22:32:10 +0300

В 19:29 +0300 на 25.03.2012 (нд), Ivaylo Valkov написа:
> В 12:08 -0400 на 25.03.2012 (нд), Dave Hunt написа:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > To switch to the new Vimeo layout, log in, and use this link:
> > 
> >
> Thanks. This requires an account at Vimeo, so I can't test it right now.
> Might consider it later. 

Turns out the new Vimeo interface sets some cookies. When a request for
the metadata URL, that returns information for the video URl is made by
the browser/Linterna Mágica, with this cookies present the request
fails. Vimeo just returns 404 Not Found. The exact same URL works when
cookies are cleared. When I enable the cookies work-around code in
Linterna Mágica for Vimeo that removes cookies just before the request
for the metadata is made, the request succeeds. The problem now is that
the video URL must be accessed without the cookies, which are restored
by the work-around code. Vimeo returns an error when the video URL is
accessed with the cookies for the new interface. If the cookies are
simply deleted users will be thrown out of their accounts if they had
logged in. This is the situation right now with the new Vimeo interface.
I have no idea how to make this work for now.

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