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Re: [Linphone-users] NEWSLETTER Re: BUGS: H.264 stream probably invalid

From: Petr Macháček - 2N
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] NEWSLETTER Re: BUGS: H.264 stream probably invalid + crash
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2021 15:57:22 +0000

Ok, I have just re-sent it to developers.

Thank you,
Petr Machacek

-----Original Message-----
From: Linphone-users <> On 
Behalf Of David Emanuel da Costa Santiago
Sent: Thursday, November 4, 2021 4:32 PM
Subject: NEWSLETTER Re: [Linphone-users] BUGS: H.264 stream probably invalid + 

Hello Petr,

I believe this would be better discussed in the developers mailing list:

Best regards,
David Santiago

Às 10:10 de 04/11/21, Petr Macháček - 2N escreveu:
> Hello Linphone developers,
> I'm testing some piece of my software with Linphone. When I make a 
> call from Linphone to my software, the video from Linphone has bad 
> quality, it contains artifacts that are typical for H.264. Using 
> WireShark, I saved the stream from Linphone to pcap format and 
> extracted the H264 stream from that. I then analyzed this stream with 
> the H.264 Stream Analysis program 
> (
> <>).
> This program shows that the H264 stream from Linphone is very strange. 
> It contains several I-frames at the beginning followed by a long 
> series of P-frames. Normally it is typical for I-frames to be many 
> times larger than P-frames, but from Linphone both I-frames and 
> P-frames are similarly large (~1kB).
> I note that Linphone is the only software that my program has a 
> problem with. I've tested it with a number of other devices (e.g. 
> GrandStream GXV3275, various IP cameras...) and I haven't had a 
> problem with H.264 video anywhere.
> I am attaching a screenshot of the H.264 Stream Analysis program with 
> the stream from the Linphone (linphone.png) and another screenshot 
> with the stream from the IP camera where the stream is not corrupted 
> (good_h264.png).
> I am also sending a link to a zip file that contains both a pcap dump 
> from Wireshark that contains the Linphone stream and the extracted 
> h264 stream from Linphone:
> ?usp=sharing 
> <
> w?usp=sharing>
> Another problem a Linphone crash:
> When I call from Linphone to GrandStream GXV3275, Linphone asks 
> whether I want to turn on video. I click Confirm and the Linphone crashes.
> Linphone: Desktop 4.3.0, Core 5.0.39.
> OS: Windows 10 Pro (21H1, build 19043.1288)
> PC: Notebook Dell Latitude 5491
> Best regards
> Petr Machacek
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