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[Linphone-users] hoping for help in protocol analyzation

From: Boris
Subject: [Linphone-users] hoping for help in protocol analyzation
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:16:39 +0200
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Hej LinPhoners,

using Gnome on Debian Linux, I am watching out for a comfortable softphone since years. It seems, there is a deep missing....

I was using Twinkle for some time, until I discovered LinPhone. LinPhone was part of the Debian Buster repositories in Version 2.x but with that I suffered from issues with my SIP provider:

The problems in short words:
1. An incoming call cannot be accepted: Pressing the green handset gives an 'unreachable' message to the caller. 2. An outgoing call works just fine but terminates reproduceable after 15 minutes and some seconds.

So I waited for an uptodate LinPhone on Debian Bullseye - and here it is: LinPhone is on Qt5.15.2 Core 4.4.21 in Debian 11 and I would be very glad to make it work!

I made a logfile for the second issue but I am unable to analyze it due to volume an complexity. Is anybody about to help?

Have a look at the log from

In fact the SIP-provider is in my focus. He seems to use unusual settings for his service but doesn't give support for me as being an "exotic" user. So I hope it should be possible to find it out wit the log.

Thanks in advance,


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