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Re: [Linphone-users] Wrong portuguese characters

From: Peio Rigaux
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Wrong portuguese characters
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 15:54:08 +0200
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Sorry for the late reply.

On which platform did you notice this issue ?

If it is on Desktop, we are on beta stage for the upcoming new version for now and we are keeping an eye on encoding issues. Please check the latest (AppImage if you are on Linux, otherwise use windows or macosx directories).

If you still notice the issue, do not hesitate to reply on this email.


Peio Rigaux
Junior DevOps Engineer
Belledonne Communications, the company behind Linphone

Le 10/03/2021 à 11:38, Pedro Paixão a écrit :

Good morning,


When I receive a phone call on the linphone and the name associated with the origin extension with characters like ç or à or á etc, what appears on the linphone is unformatted replacing the Portuguese characters with another type of character.


Com os melhores cumprimentos,


Pedro Paixão

Técnico de Informática

Divisão de Sistemas de Informação

Departamento de Sistemas de Informação e Inovação

Município de Coimbra

Praça 8 de Maio | 3000-300 Coimbra

Telef.: 239 857 582/66/00 | Ext.: 50001



P Antes de imprimir este email pense se necessita mesmo de o fazer. Há cada vez menos árvores no nosso Planeta.


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