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[Linphone-users] Trying configuring Linphone on a Ubuntu 18.4 Bionic Bea

From: Filippo Lombardo
Subject: [Linphone-users] Trying configuring Linphone on a Ubuntu 18.4 Bionic Beaver x64
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 23:09:09 +0200
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I downloaded the version for Desktop of Linphone, changed the permissions to be executed and executed it.

When I get the application screen, I select preferences from the right menu and I get a series of fields to be filled

For example I get:

1.) SIP address, compulsory

2.) SIP server address, compulsory

3.) Registration duration, sec is set at 600

4.) Route: I do not understand, but it is not compulsory

5.) Contact params: same as above

6.) AVFP regular RTCP interval, sec: it is set to 1


7.) Enable ICE

8.) Enable TURN

Can you please explain ?

9.) STUN / TURN server: it is set to

10.) TURN user: what to put inside ?

11.) TURN password: what to put inside ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Kind regards,

Filippo Lombardo

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