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Re: [Linphone-users] ICE, defaults

From: Peio Rigaux
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] ICE, defaults
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 18:19:19 +0200
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Hello Greg.
I took some time to gather information.

First of all, I see that you are really active on our mailing lists, and your help is very valuable, thanks.

When we activate a account with the assistant, ICE is always on, and the STUN server is configured to

The UI is misleading in the settings view of Linphone Desktop, because the default params are overwritten by the account params ("enable ICE" in the network settings view is overwritten by the value in "sip accounts" > "edit" > "NAT".

I'm thinking about making the UI clearer, and we working on it step after step when we have enough time (apart from mailing list responses, and daily work).

So, ICE and STUN are enabled and set for accounts, but not for others providers by default, because most of PSTN gateways doesn't understand ICE, and we do not have any clue about their eventual TURN or STUN server.

I think that it would be nice to use a TURN server if we can't transfer media normally. Unfortunately, is only a STUN server now.

We are thinking about setting up an official TURN server for, because the media-relay done by Flexisip proxy isn't really a standard.
It has some limitations which are leading to random bugs when clients have a double IPv4/IPv6 connectivity.

You will be notified by a newsletter on the website if we eventually set it up.


Peio Rigaux
Junior Software Engineer
Belledonne Communications, the company behind Linphone

Le 21/04/2020 à 17:56, Greg Troxel a écrit :
I advised someone else to install linphone, and have a question about


Separately from all questions about defaults and global vs per-account

  It seems obvious that typical linphone users should configure ICE on,
  and TURN on, and that the default is a reasonable
  choice of STUN and TURN server.  Correct?

1) The person doing the install told me that ICE did not default to
enabled.  This is with some blend of beta and stable on windows and
linux.  ICE being off seems strange to me, as the firewall/NAT is
sufficiently troublesome that in general, calls between two impaired
devices are likely to fail without ICE.

Is it intended that ICE is default off?  If, so, why?

2) STUN server seems to be a usable STUN server, and perhaps TURN
also.  Is this true, for STUN and for TURN?  Is there any authentication
hidden in the linphone programs?

Or is open and usable, but it's also true the app has
a place for TURN user/password so that people can configure the use of
their own, non-public TURN servers?

3) ICE and TURN: global settings

In the Android app network tab, there is a separate "enable ICE" and
"enable TURN".  (I can almost understand why someone might want ICE and
not TURN, but I wonder what the intent is in terms of defaults.)

In the Mac beta, in the network tab, there are similarly separate
settings for ICE and TURN.

4) ICE and TURN: per-account settings

In the Android app per-account settings, there is an enable for ICE, and
a STUN/TURN server.  Does this override the app-wide defaults?
If so, why does the app-wide default exist?  Or is that just copied into
new Accounts?  Why isn't there an "enable TURN" per account also?

In the mac beta, there are per-account settings for ICE and TURN.  Same
question about how global settings relate to per-account, but in this
case there is a per-account TURN setting.

Absent answers here I probably will file bugs about most of this.


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