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[Linphone-users] Registration to public server no longer working?

From: caj_lists
Subject: [Linphone-users] Registration to public server no longer working?
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2019 05:41:36 -0500
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I'm not sure where to ask this but couldn't find a more suitable
place... I realize this list is intended to be about the app but I could
not find anywhere to ask about the free server that is also offered.

Has there been some change in how devices should do registration to the server? There are 3 different accounts on 3 different
androids that all used to register and send/receive texts just fine, but
no longer do so. I'm not sure exactly when it stopped working since the
devices sat unused for some time. The accounts are still working in
terms of login to the web portal so it is not an account problem. But
the devices no longer register, they get "Error while registering -

All 3 devices are using CSipSimple, is there some setting I need to
change to make this work again?

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