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Re: [Linphone-users] New user set up is *very* difficult

From: Ken
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] New user set up is *very* difficult
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2019 08:48:36 +0800


I agree with most of your comments... I also had a hard time sorting things out before I could get Linphone to work well. The "software manager" on my Linux Mint OS would install an older version (3.x) but I wanted to get up to speed with the latest version so I went to the "flatpak" installation. After 3-4 tries I finally got that version to work where I could make calls with my personal SIP account from Xeloq.

I just read a post from a fellow here who said that the FP version is not a good idea and to install the debian version where you have to build the files from scratch.  I looked into that a bit but found that the Python script that comes with that package will not run on my computer for whatever reason and I do not want to spend a lot of time to figure out why so I'm sticking with the flatpak install. 

Here's a link that may help you with your quest...


On Sat, Dec 7, 2019 at 2:57 AM, Steve Borsch via Linphone-users <address@hidden> wrote:
Prior to 2020 starting, I was excited to get my initial Linphone account set up but it was *not* a good experience and I've not yet been able to use any Linphone functionality. Perhaps someone can point me toward a good resource for set up that I can share with my less technical users? Or is Linphone exclusively geared for software/developer/telecom engineers to set up and rollout to users? 

I'd like to have others on my team leverage the capabilities (and security!) of Linphone vs. all other options, but if *my* initial experiences are this confusing, befud dling and non-intuitive, rolling-out Linphone to my team may prove to be a support nightmare.

Just so you know why I'm surprised that I was unable to easily setup my own account, I own a web development firm and am a long-time tech support guy for family, friends and colleagues, not just with computers but also with networking and IoT devices. As such, I thought setting up Linphone would be trivial. It was not. In addition, I've set up and configured an Asterisk server (five years ago ... but still) and have set up and configured IP phones with our Telzio service.

a) Set up an account at Linphone and received a Sip identity, username, domain/proxy, etc.
b) After downloading the desktop version, I couldn't get the desktop version to work within the first 30 minutes.
c) This was the default that appeared:

IOS: Next I downloaded the iOS version on iPhone. It came pre-populated with data which I replaced with the Sip identity, username, domain/proxy, etc. After eight attempts (and various iterations of inputting account information) I have not been able to get the iOS app to function, even when using the provided SIP info:


I've scoured the 'net for good user documentation, but only found a user manual four years old. What do others do to empower users? What about initial users for set up? 


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