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[Linphone-users] Using SRTP or ZRTP encryption in LinphoneWeb

From: Liviu Andronic
Subject: [Linphone-users] Using SRTP or ZRTP encryption in LinphoneWeb
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 13:35:09 +0200

Dear all,
I'm trying to secure RTP traffic (using either SRTP or ZRTP) when
communicating between LinphoneWeb and Linphone Desktop, but with
uncertain success. First off, I use and then
log in using advanced settings with TLS transport enabled and a account.

However I get stuck on the SRTP/ZRTP part.
- If I select SRTP in Linphone Desktop (3.7.0) and call LinphoneWeb
user, then I get the "Secured  by SRTP" message.

- If however it's the LinphoneWeb user who calls the Linphone Desktop
client, then the call is NOT secured by SRTP (the relevant message is
not displayed). In the same usecase, if I configure Linphone Desktop
to use "Media encryption is mandatory", then the call from the
LinphoneWeb client fails with "Incompatible media parameters" error

- If I enable ZRTP encryption in Linphone Desktop, then the calls are
NOT encrypted.

Does LinphoneWeb support traffic encryption (like most other Linphone
clients do)? And if so, how can I enabled it?

Best regards,

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