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Re: [Linphone-users] Config file and playback_gain_db

From: Lorrin
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Config file and playback_gain_db
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 18:42:15 +0200
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I made some further progress on the topic. It seems that linphonec daemon didn't read the configuration file because my partition is in RO mode.
Not sure why this would bother linphonec since it only needs to read and not write to it, but lets assume that RW is a requirement.
I set my partition to RW just to find out another funny detail:

Even when you change a parameter via linphonec's "param" command, and even if its value is changed internally in linphonec daemon and in the configuration file (~/.linphonerc), that doesn't mean that linphonec will actually use that value, at least not before you restart it. It least for some parameters, in my case the local_ring parameter. For example:

linphonecsh init -c ~/.linphonerc
linphonecsh generic "param sound local_ring"     -> reports sound1.wav
linphonecsh generic "param sound local_ring sound2.wav"     -> trying to set another local ring
linphonecsh generic "param sound local_ring"     -> correctly reports the sound2.wav
grep "local_ring" ~/.linphonerc    -> correctly reports the sound2.wav

Now when i receive a phone call, the old sound1.wav is played, even though the configuration is changed.
Only after i restart, i get the proper sound2.wav played:

linphonecsh exit
linphonecsh init -c ~/.linphonerc

Any ideas on the topic? Is this a known bug, is there a fix planned?

Best regads!

On 21.07.2014 14:35, Lorrin wrote:
Ok, I got some more info on this, and the situation is as follows:

* linphonec uses the config file by default
* linphonec running as a daemon (via linphonecsh init) doesn't use the config file by default. You need to add it as a parameter: "linphonecsh init -c ~/.linphonerc"

But the issue I'm having seems to be related to the specific version of linphone.
With linphonec version 3.5.2, the configuration file parameter work, but with 3.6.1. it doesn't.

After i run: "linphonecsh init -c ~/.linphonerc", i get this:

address@hidden ~]# linphonecsh init -c ~/.linphonerc
address@hidden ~]# ps aux | grep linphonec
root      3846 25.0  1.4 146436  7024 ?        Ssl  12:33   0:00 linphonec --pipe -c /dev/null -c /root/.linphonerc

So it would seem everything is ok. But actually, it didn't read any of the settings from the configuration file.
To verify, I try to read a configuration I am sure is contained in the config file:

address@hidden ~]# linphonecsh generic "param sound local_ring"
current value: (undef)

Why is it not reading the configuration file? Is this a bug/regression?

Best regards!

On 11.07.2014 16:31, Lorrin wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering which utility uses the .linphonerc configuration file?

I know that linphone gui version uses it, but does linphonec and linphonecsh use it?
It would seem that linphonec doesn't read it because my playback_gain_db parameter is ignored,
and I was pretty sure that linphonec uses that configuration file..

Can someone clear things up a bit for me? Thanks!

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