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[Linphone-users] [Q] Headset detected for Output but not for Inputs

From: Kowalski, Francois-Xavier
Subject: [Linphone-users] [Q] Headset detected for Output but not for Inputs
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 17:49:00 +0000

Hello Linphone users,

I have a have a Plantronics C620-M headset (with a microphone). It is 
successfully detected & used by Linphone on OSX 10.8.3 as an output device, but 
not as an input device. Here is the ~.linphonerc following the auto-detection.

playback_dev_id=AudioUnit: Plantronics C620-M
ringer_dev_id=AudioUnit: Plantronics C620-M
capture_dev_id=AudioUnit: Plantronics C620-M

Forcing it into ~/.linphonerc does not help fixing the issue.

The headset otherwise works fine with Skype (both input & output), so I believe 
that the headset or OSX are not the culprit here.

Anyone having a clue on how to fix this? Is there any information (e.g. USB 
info…) that I can provide to help fixing that?

Thanks in advance for any Idea.


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