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[Linphone-users] virtual alsa device on linphonec

Subject: [Linphone-users] virtual alsa device on linphonec
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 13:00:10 +0200
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Hi to everyone.

I have a stereo codec on my arm board and I need to run 2 different instance on linphonec, one for left and one for right channel.

The problem is that I can't tell linphone to use a virtual device.

In my asound.conf I wrote something like:

pcm.record_left {
    type dsnoop
    ipc_key 234884
    slave {
        pcm "hw:0,0"
        channels 2
    bindings.0  0
pcm.record_right {
    type dsnoop
    ipc_key 2241234
    slave {
        pcm "hw:0,0"
        channels 2
    bindings.0  1

If I record a wav file with:

            # arecord -D record_left left.wav
            #arecord -D record_right right.wav

it works properly (I record only the left or right audio in a mono file).

But if I configure the .linphonerc:

capture_dev_id=ALSA: record_left

it says:

ortp-warning-no card with id ALSA: record_left

In fact, I modifyed mssndcards.c to display the audio cards it can use:

MSSndCard * ms_snd_card_manager_get_card(MSSndCardManager *m, const char *id){
    MSList *elem;
    for (elem=m->cards;elem!=NULL;elem=elem->next){
        MSSndCard *card=(MSSndCard*)elem->data;
        ms_warning("--- card id %s", ms_snd_card_get_string_id(card));    // <<<<<<<<<<<<
        if (id==NULL) return card;
        if (strcmp(ms_snd_card_get_string_id(card),id)==0)    return card;
    if (id!=NULL) ms_warning("no card with id %s",id);
    return NULL;

and at startup it prints:
ortp-warning---- card id ALSA: default device
ortp-warning---- card id ALSA: imx-3stack
ortp-warning---- card id OSS: /dev/dsp

no mention about record_left or record_right virtual device

What can I do? Please help!

Maurizio Messa


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